Location: Eastern Switzerland

Davos Hiking Trails

First views of Piz Radont

Fluela – Schwarzhorn - Durrboden

Distance: 6.7 - 8.1 miles (One Way)

This epic hike summits the Schwarzhorn, crosses two panoramic passes and visits four scenic valleys in route to Durrboden. Highlights include the high peaks towering above the Lower Engadine, the cirque at the head of the Grialetsch valley and the summits rimming the Dischma, Funtauna and Tschuvel valleys.

Piz Kesch and Piz Forum from Sertig Pass

Sertig Pass

Distance: 8.4 miles (Round Trip)

Ascend a bucolic valley and then scree-covered slopes to scenic Sertig Pass with terrific views of cirque rimming the head of the Tschuvel Valley. On the way to the pass enjoy fine views of the summits rimming the Ducan and Chuealp valleys including the Mittaghorn, Chuealphorn and Bocktenhorn.

Close-up of Piz Kesch from Sertig Pass

Sertig to Durrboden

Distance: 11.0 miles (One Way)

This terrific hike crosses two panoramic passes, Sertig Pass and Scaletta Pass, and travels through five scenic valleys. Along the way hikers enjoy splendid views Piz Kesch, Piz Vadret, the Hoch Range, the Schwarzhorn and the Chuealphorn, to name a few.

Fluela Wisshorn and the Jori Glacier

Wagerhus - Jorifluelafurgga - Berghaus Vereina

Distance: 6.0 miles (One Way)

Stunning views of the Joriseen lakes, the Fluela Wisshorn and Jori Glacier await hikers climbing to the Jorifluelafurgga pass. Beyond the lakes basin the trail descends through the lovely, untamed Jori Valley, ringed by high peaks, with views extending up side valleys to Piz Linard and Verstanclahorn.

Piz Sarsara, Piz Vadret, the Grialetsch Glacier and Piz Radont

Fluela Pass to the Schwarzhorn

Distance: 4.6 miles (Round Trip)

Hike to the summit of the Schwarzhorn for splendid, panoramic views of the high peaks in northeast Graubunden and beyond. The peak is considered to be one of the easier 3,000-meter ascents in the Swiss Alps.


Davos Alpentour – Glaris to Schwatzalp

Distance: 10.8 miles (One Way)

This lovely walk traverses above or near the timberline along the west side of the Davos Valley with fine views of the peaks towering above the east side of the valley and the summits rimming the ridge to the west. Several options exist to shorten the walk.

The high peaks along the Ducan Ridge from Fanezfurgga

Sertig to Monstein

Distance: 7.2 - 7.7 miles (One Way)

Get off the beaten path with this great hike ascending the Ducan Valley to Fanezfurgga Pass. Highlights include the Ducan massif, the Ducan Glacier and the Chrachenhorn towering above the head of the Ducan valley. Finish the hike by descending through the pretty Oberalp Valley.

Silvrettahorn and the peaks to the east

Davos Panoramaweg - Gotschnagrat to Schatzalp

Distance: 4.7 - 11.5 miles (One Way)

The Davos Panoramaweg, a classic high traverse above the west side of the Davos Valley features great views of the high peaks and glacier clad summits towering above Klosters, the Fluela, Dischma and Sertig valleys and beyond.

View of the Grialetsch cirque

Durrboden to Fuorcla da Grialetsch and Fuorcla Radont

Distance: 4.8 - 7.7 miles (Round Trip)

Two scenic passes and views of the high peaks towering above four beautiful valleys are the highlights of this trail climbing from Durrboden to Furocla da Grialetsch and Fuorcla Radont. Along the way travel by pretty tarns and enjoy views of the Scaletta and Grialetsch glaciers.

The Schwarzhorn, the Raduner Rothorn and Piz Radont

Durrboden to Scaletta

Distance: 5.2 miles (Round Trip)

The trail to Scaletta Pass ascends through pastures, rocky meadows and then scree covered slopes with ever evolving views of high summits surrounding the photogenic valley. Highlights include the glacier-clad Scalettahorn, the peaks rising above the Fuorcla da Grialetsch and the Fluela Schwarzhorn massif.

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