Ancient Bristlecone Pine Trails Schulman Grove

Distance: 1.0 - 4.2 miles (loop)

Inyo National Forest, near Bishop in California's Southeastern Sierra

Bristlecone Pine along the Discovery Trail

Bristlecone Pine along the Discovery Trail


Hike among some of the oldest trees in the world on two interesting trails that traverse the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest at Schulman Grove, high atop of the White Mountains.
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  • Distance: 1.0 miles (loop) to Discovery Trail
    4.2 miles (loop) to Methusela Trail
  • Elevation: 10,075-ft. at Trailhead
    10,350-ft. at Discovery Trail
    10,198-ft. at Methusela Trail
  • Elevation Gain: 280-ft. to Discovery Trail
    800-ft. to Methusela Trail
  • Difficulty: easy-moderate
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    Bishop / Lone Pine / California's Southeastern Sierra

Why Hike Ancient Bristlecone Pine Trails Schulman Grove

The Great Basin Bristlecone Pines, standing as ancient sentinels high atop the White Mountains of the Inyo National Forest, rank among the oldest trees in the world. Some of the bristlecone pines are nearly 5,000 years old and still living. Over the years the wind has sculpted the trees into gnarled and twisted forms of living art.

Two great trails leaving from the Visitor Center at Schulman Grove traverse this amazing area, taking you past bristlecone pines of all shapes, sizes and ages, some over 4,000 year old. While the oldest trees are not identified, for their own protection, the oldest trees can be seen from either the Methuselah Trail or the Discovery Trail.

Beyond Schulman Grove lies the Patriarch Grove. Near tree line, the grove is the home of the world's largest Bristlecone Pine, the Patriarch Tree. Two short trails, the Timberline Ancient and Cottonwood Basin Overlook, travel through the area. See the trails of Patriarch Gove for more information.

Elevation Profile

Discovery Trail and Methuselah Trail Elevation Profile

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Basecamp(s) Information:
Bishop / Lone Pine

Region Information:
California's Southeastern Sierra

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